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Vox Amplug 3 Headphone Amp - Modern Bass

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amPlug3, the latest generation of the worldwide best-selling amPlug headphone amplifiers, is a seamless way for any guitarist to practice anywhere, at any time.
amPlug3 is the third generation of the amPlug series of convenient plug-and-play headphone amplifiers for guitarists and bassists. With a wide range of amp flavors, each delivers iconic and instantly recognizable amplifier tones. amPlug3 provides musicians with the ideal practice tool, combining simplicity with incredibly rich tones.

Enhance your practice sessions with authentic sounds and useful functions. Beyond exceptional amp tones, the amPlug3 series offers powerful built-in stereo effects and rhythms, providing a wide tonal range and a comprehensive sonic experience during practice and play.
The analog circuitry is significantly enhanced to faithfully replicate the compression and overtones characteristic of a wide range of tube amps.
A greatly expanded effects section includes stereo effects, giving a more expansive sound experience both through headphones and when recording.
The new rhythm machine offers nine essential patterns included on every amPlug3.
Play along with your favorite tracks by connecting your smartphone, or other external audio device to the AUX jack.
Record directly onto a smartphone or laptop via the AUX jack with an optional TRRS cable.
The elegant, amplifier-like appearance of amPlug3 contributes to an overall enhanced experience.

Seven Unique Amp Models

AC30: Replicates the iconic VOX AC30 sound. CH1 offers the warm sound of the Normal channel, while CH2 provides the sought after bright Top-Boost.

UK Drive: Emulates the UK 100W stack sound. CH1 delivers a full vintage clean tone, and CH2 produces an cutting distortion tone.

US Silver: Mimics the legendary US combo amp sound. CH1 features a sparkling clean tone, and CH2 produces a smooth drive sound.

Boutique: Recreates the legendary sound of one of the most famous boutique amps ever made. CH1 presents the sought-after slinky clean tone, while CH2 provides a bright, silky overdrive sound.

High Gain: Offers the sound of a modern high-gain amp. CH1 provides a full clean tone, and CH2 delivers a sharp high-gain distortion sound.

Bass: Provides a classic bass amp tone with a wide sound range on CH1. CH2 produces a fat, punchy overdrive sound, ideal for a variety of genres.

Modern Bass: Offers a modern bass amp sound, with a clear and bright CH1 and an edgy high-gain distortion sound through CH2, offering a more contemporary and aggressive bass tone.

Stereo Effects
There are controls to adjust modulation parameters, including depth, speed, delay, reverb depth, time, and compression.

Effect types for each model:

AC30: Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, Reverb

UK Drive: Chorus, Delay, Reverb

US Silver: Tremolo, Chorus, Delay, Reverb

Boutique: Chorus, Delay, Reverb

High Gain: Chorus, Delay, Reverb 

Bass: Compressor, Chorus, Delay, Reverb

Modern Bass: Chorus, Delay, Reverb

There is a separate Volume control, and the tempo can be adjusted from 40 to 240 BPM.

Rhythm patterns for each model:

AC30: Rock1, Blues, Surf, Pop1, Pop2, Funk1, Metal1, Jazz, Metronome

UK Drive: Rock1, Rock2, Blues, Pop1, Pop2, Funk1, Metal1, Jazz, Metronome

US Silver: Rock1, Blues, Pop1, Pop2, Jazz, Disco, Funk1, Metal1, Metronome

Boutique: Rock1, Blues, Pop1, Pop2, Pop3, Jazz, Funk1, Metal1, Metronome

High Gain: Rock1, Metal1, Metal2, Funk1, Pop1, Pop2, Blues, Jazz, Metronome 

Bass: Rock1, Jazz, Pop1, Pop2, Blues, Funk1, Funk2, Metal1, Metronome

Modern Bass: Rock1, Blues, Pop1, Pop2, Metal1, Funk1, Fusion, Jazz, Metronome

Main Specifications

Phones jack (3.5mm)
AUX jack (CTIA-compliant 3.5mm TRRS mini phone jack)

Power Supply:
AAA batteries x 2

Battery Life:
10 hours (alkaline, FX or RHYTHM on)
16 hours (alkaline, FX and RHYTHM off)
3 hours (manganese battery, FX or RHYTHM on)
5 hours (manganese battery, FX and RHYTHM off)

Dimensions (W x D x H):
87 x 33 x 39 mm (plug)
87 x 33 x 39 mm (plug retracted)

40 g (without batteries)

2 AAA batteries (for operation check)

Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. Product color tones may differ slightly from actual colors

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