Covid 19 Information


August 1 - Having moved into phase 3 in Toronto, not too much has changed for us in the store. These days, all businesses in Toronto have a strict mandatory mask bylaw which we are observing. While we are now permitted to have more people in our store, we are still limiting the number at any given time to allow for proper physical distancing. We are still happy to provide pick up service outside of our store to people who would prefer not to come in. And, as always, we are happy to ship your products to you if you would prefer to shop online with us. We have continued with our modified store hours of Mon-Fri 11-6 and Sat 11-5 Closed on Sunday. 

May 18 - On May 19 we will re-open our store to the public. In our ongoing effort to keep our staff and customers safe, we will be enforcing some very specific hygiene and social distancing measures as well as a strict limit of 3 customers in the store at any given time. For customers who prefer not to enter the store, we are still very happy to provide a front door pick up option and as always, we are happy to ship any purchase over $199 free of charge to most places in Canada. 

April 5 - Once again, lots of daily changes but our online store and our emailed/phoned in orders are still 100% available for pick up just out front of our store. Just make your purchase online and choose either delivery or store pick up and we will get your order either ready for our curbside pick up or we will ship it out to you. Important - It is crucial that we keep all non staff members outside of the store. Customers picking up simply need to literally knock on the front door. We’ll get your products and receipts and come outside to do a covid 6ft pass off or we’ll literally put it in your trunk for you. Also, at this time, we are accepting customer instruments into the store for either service or trade. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Mar 24 - While lots has changed in the last few days, you can still make purchases online on this website or you can call or email an order to us. We will make arrangements with you to pay in advance by credit card (no cash or debit) Best email for this would be [email protected] Jay will be in most weekdays 11-4 so he can prepare your online or email/called in order for you and will make arrangements for a pick up or shipment to you. In the meantime, we remind everyone that our showroom is 100% closed to any public traffic. Lessons also continue as normal for all those who have opted in for the video lessons.


Mar 20 - Last week, we decided to hold all of our music lessons online using video. Today, we decided to close our showroom to public in an attempt to protect our staff as well as the people who enter our store. Below, is the full notice about this. Students can still have their lessons and local people can still shop with us using our online store or our newly improvised curb side pickup.

In an effort to help contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus we will be closing our showroom and lesson areas to all public traffic until further notice. Lessons will be held remotely via video. If you are an existing student and haven’t already set up your lesson for video, please email us at [email protected] and we will help you with this.

While our showroom is closed, we will have staff here Monday - Friday 11am-4pm. If you would like to make a purchase we ask that you call or email ahead with what you would like.
We will get back to you to arrange a credit card payment and have your purchase ready for pick up soon after. Then, you can come to the store during our modified hours and our staff will hand you your purchase at the door. During this outbreak we unfortunately will not be accepting any Cash or Debit payments, only credit card payments that we can process ahead of your pick up.

We thank you all for your understanding during this unprecedented time. This is certainly not our preferred way to do business but we are striving to somehow keep our products available to our local clientele while not actually allowing them in the store :)
It is very odd but hopefully, it will not last too long.
As always, our website is always available to you for information and to shop for products.

All the best, stay well ... The folks at Kaos Music.