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Taylor Days - Great promo to get an "almost" free Taylor

Taylor Days - Great promo to get an "almost" free Taylor

These days, most everything that we buy has gone up in price. Musical instruments are no exception. Taylor guitars are well known as one of the worlds premier guitar makers and they are mostly known for their high end, high quality instruments. That said, one of their most popular models is one of their cheapest, the GS Mini. The GS Mini is a parlour sized guitar designed either as a travel sized instrument or a smaller sized instrument for kids. What makes it special is in its design. The geniuses at Taylor developed a body design that allowed the top of this smaller guitar to resonate such that despite its size, has the tone of a much larger instrument. this made for an obvious advantage over most other smaller guitars that just didn't sound that good. The GS Mini sounds pretty incredible for its size. Now, it is one of the most expensive smaller sized guitars but despite that disadvantage, it is still one of the best selling due to its great tone.

Enter the "Taylor Days" Promotion. During the promotion, if you buy any Taylor acoustic from their 200 Series Deluxe level upward, you can add a GS Mini $279 instead of the usual $799 or you could add a BT1 Baby Taylor for $139 instead of the usual $519. These are huge discounts and they make a compelling case to do it. There are really three ways to take advantage of this promo. First, if you are in the market for Taylor acoustic, you now have a way to reduce the cost by buying your 200 series or above main guitar and then adding on a GS Mini. Then you could quite easily sell the GS Mini for $500 or more and pocket the savings. Second, if you have a friend who is in the market for Taylor and you would like a GS Mini, I see a nice partnership opportunity for you both to get your new guitars and save some money, leaving the financial details up to you of course. Lastly, this promo provides any new Taylor customers an opportunity to get a new guitar and then quite inexpensively the ability to gift a beautiful Taylor GS Mini to someone.

No matter how you look at it, its a great deal for guitars that are already super popular. Truthfully, Taylor doesn't really have to offer discounts, they are already the most popular acoustic guitar on the market but ... the reason is in part because they tend to do things not because they make the most financial sense but often just because they are a good thing to do. The Taylor Guitar Company is truly like that. Great leadership with a great moral compass combined with world class instruments. Its a good combo!

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