Younger kids learn differently then older kids. The world famous Yamaha Music Education System has been giving kids age 3-5 the best start on their musical journey for over 50 years in 40 countries around the world.

the Junior Music Course - for kids age 4-5

Early childhood is the ideal time to start music lessons. At this age, the ear is at its peak of sensitivity. Learning music is as natural as learning to speak. Students age 4-5 would start with the Junior Music Course. The unique curriculum — up to seven years in length — is designed to give your child the best opportunity to develop basic music skills. The creative approach centers on developing the three essential elements of pitch, harmony, and rhythm. The Junior Music Course develops the musical child from within.

New classes begin each September and run for the school year, approx. 40 weeks. Class size ranges from 4-9 in our school and each weekly class is 55 minutes in length. A parent or caregiver accompany their child to each class and actively take part in the class. While parent involvement in the weekly class is helpful in facilitating the class, it is this exposure to the curriculum that allows a parent to be a useful assistant to the child during their daily at-home practice sessions.

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