A tight schedule and clearly laid out cancellation policy help make our school run smoothly and effectively ...

Private Lesson Scheduling ...

To register for lessons you can do so online here or you can call or drop into our store. One of our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, tell you what days/times/teachers are available, take your information and process your registration. It's quick and easy and you can join our schedule at any time. Call us anytime at (416) 233-2232 or if you have questions you can email.

Yamaha Group Class ...

Families can register in person, by phone (416) 233-2232 or online for our Yamaha Group Programs.

Rock Band Programs & Rock Choir...

Students of all ages can register for in person, by phone (416) 233-2232 or online for our Rock Band Programs or Rock Choir Programs.

Adult Guitar Classes ...

Adults interested in our Adult group guitar programs can sign up in person, by phone (416) 233-2232 or online.

Our Private Lesson Cancellation Policy ...

Students are permitted to cancel 1 lesson per session that will be eligible for a make up lesson by their teacher before the end of the school year. As well, during March, if you cancel the March Break week, we allow for a second cancellation the week before or after that March Break week to accommodate for 2 week vacations.

In order to cancel a lesson, students must notify our front counter staff either in person, by phone or by email no later then 10am the day of the lesson to be cancelled. Lessons cancelled after the 10am deadline or any missed lessons will not be eligible for a make up lesson. As well, any lesson cancelled beyond the 1 per session limit will not be eligible for a make up lesson.

At the end of our school year, we offer a week of make up opportunities for any outstanding make up lessons. If a make up lesson remains outstanding at that point, a student has 2 options: (a) they can opt for a refund of 50% of the value of the lesson(s) (refunded Aug 1 2019). (b) they can apply 70% of the outstanding lesson(s) value towards the following years registration. All outstanding make up lessons must be either made up or credited by the end of the current school or when a student withdraws from our schedule.

Adult guitar classes, Yamaha Junior Music programs, Rock Choir and Rock Band programs are all group activities and therefore unfortunately do not offer any cancellation/makeup type facility for missed lessons, cancelled or not.

Our Group Lesson Cancellation Policy ...

For any of our group programs which include the Yamaha Music Education courses for kids, our adult guitar classes and any of our band or choir programs our cancellation policy is quite different then our private lessons. For the Yamaha course, we do not offer any make up opportunities for missed classes. If you miss a class, your teacher will be happy to send you the assigned work for that week but no make up class is offered. For our adult guitar classes, we do not offer make up classes for a missed class but we do have class videos that would be made available to you in the event of a missed class. For our band programs, we unfortunately do not offer any make ups for missed rehearsals.

Session Schedule for 2019/20

Session 1 - Tuesday Sept 3 - Saturday Nov 9 .. open registration begins Thursday June 10. No lesson Monday October 14 for Thanksgiving.

Session 2 - Monday Nov 11 - Saturday Feb 1 .. Registration payment day Sunday Oct 27. No lessons December 22 - January 5 for Christmas break.

Session 3 - Monday February 3 - Saturday April 11 .. Registration payment day Sunday Jan 19. We are open throughout the March Break (March 16-20).

Session 4 - Monday April 13 - Saturday June 20 .. Registration payment day Sunday Mar 29. Closed Victoria Day Monday May 18. We are closed Friday April 10 for Good Friday.

Session 1 registration Payments for returning students will be processed on July 15, 2019. New students will pay their registration fees at the time of their registration. For all subsequent sessions, the full session payment will be processed automatically on the payment dates (listed above for each session) using your supplied credit card or supplied post dated cheques.

Withdrawing from our schedule is permitted at any time. Simply notify our front counter staff (not your teacher) and we will remove you or your child from our schedule and promptly refund any future, pre-paid lessons back to you.

Lesson Rates/Fees ...

Piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, mandolin ... $32 per half hour

Voice, violin, woodwinds ... $34 per half hour

Yamaha Junior Music Courses ... $25 per class plus a one time registration/materials fee of $135