For many, learning to play their instrument is just the first step towards the ultimate goal of playing in a band. Finding the right group of people, a good place to rehearse, the right guidance and most importantly, a place to perform can be a real challenge. Don't sweat it, the Rock Band Experience has you covered ...

Electric Rock Band ... Age 13- Adult

Our core band program based around classic "electric guitar" rock music. Bands typically consist of one or two guitars, a bass, drums and sometimes keyboards. Vocals are often covered by instrumental band members but vocalists who do not play and instrument are welcome in our programs. Bands are formed by grouping people of similar ages, similar playing abilities and similar musical preferences. Our goal with every band is for the players to grow their musical abilities while playing music that they love all while having a great time.

Acoustic Rock Band ... Age 13 - Adult

Our new version of our band program designed for people who want to play in an acoustic guitar based band. Musical styles would include acoustic pop, new country and folk music. Bands would consist of 2-3 guitarist and may be exclusively acoustic or possible include an electric player or mandolin/banjo as well. Bass, drums, keyboards as well as vocalist would make up these bands. As with the electric program, members will be grouped by playing ability, age and musical preference. Again, the goal is to help participants explore the fun and excitement of playing in a real band while growing their abilities.

In each session you'll ...

• Get matched up with 3 - 4 other people to form a band
• Each week you'll meet and rehearse for a intensive but fun filed hour
• Collaborate with your band leader and band mates to decide on the songs to be learned
• Be supplied with all of the music and charts that you'll need to learn your songs
• Be led by one of our experienced band leaders, all leading towards the session ending Rock Showcase or Studio Recording
• Rehearse in our 400 sq ft rehearsal room, fully equipped with all the gear and PA.
• Our facility is equipped with full recording abilities to allow for on the spot weekly recordings
• Just show up with your instrument and play, we take care of the rest
• After the final week your band will take part in a Rock Showcase in a local venue on a real stage with full lighting and professional PA. It's tons of fun ...

For more information or to ask a question .. call or email us anytime