When it comes to buying new gear, sometimes it makes the best sense to finance your purchase over a period of time. What you need when it comes to financing is competitive interest rates and offers and most importantly flexibility. Desjardins Finance has been providing the music industry with creative and very flexible options for years are they are a trusted partner of ours here at KAOS.

Getting approved is easy, just visit our store and we'll input your information directly to the Desjardins credit application app and within approx. 20 minutes, we have an answer ... usually your approval OAC. If we need any more information, we find out right away so that we can get you approved as quickly as possible.

Payment terms are flexible and can be tailored to your needs and budget. All Desjardins loans are 100% open which means that you can pay them off at any time saving you money. What's better is that once you get and pay back a loan from Dejardins, you are immediately approved again for your next purchase.

Minimum purchase amount for Desjardins loans is $1000 including tax.

Drop in for more information or to apply for your next purchase.