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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Guitar

9.    To wrap it up…

So what have we learned so far? Well we’ve learned that when you walk into the store to buy your first guitar, you want to have a budget in mind, somewhere between $200-$400 for an acoustic guitar or $300-$500 for an electric guitar (and amplifier!).

We’ve learned that an acoustic guitar made of solid wood is better than one made of plywood and that the top is the most important part of the guitar, so we should be looking for a guitar that features a solid wood top with laminate back and sides. We also know that guitars built in North America tend to be higher quality than those built overseas, but they also tend to be a bit more expensive.

We’ve also decided whether we want to go with a steel-string or classical acoustic or maybe an electric guitar like a Yamaha Pacifica, Epiphone Les Paul or Squier Telecaster. We’ve learned about some of the accessories that we should be getting to go with the guitar and that it might be a good idea to sign up for some lessons as well.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and made the process of buying your first guitar fun and stress-free! If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 416-233-2232 or use our new Ask the Experts program. 


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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Guitar