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KAOS Music offers the renowned Junior Music course developed by the Yamaha Music School.

While KAOS Music has been providing music lessons for 25 years, our involvement with the Yamaha Music School is relatively recent. Over the past 12 years we have been involved with this world class group teaching system. As you read further you will discover that Yamaha has developed perhaps the worlds finest method for teaching young children ages 4-7. We are proud to offer these programs to our friends in Etobicoke as well as in Oakvile. Please read on and feel free to call us or email for more detailed information.

Registration for these classes is now closed for this year. Please either call (416) 233-2232 or visit our store for information about next years classes.


The footage in this video was shot completely in our own school at KAOS Music. It will give you a great idea of what to expect from the Yamaha Junior Music Course.

Yamaha Music Education System

Yamaha Music School programs began in 1966 in Canada and the Yamaha Music Education System has an enrollment of approximately 10,000 students taught by over 160 teachers in 50 locations from coast to coast. The National Education Department for Yamaha music education in Canada is located at 135 Milner Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. All national Yamaha programs are developed in conjunction with the Yamaha Music Foundation in Japan. Yamaha Canada also owns and operates a corporate Yamaha Music School in Toronto. This flagship location is the national R & D center and teacher training facility for Yamaha.

YMES Philosophy

The Yamaha philosophy for music education is based on the belief that all people have the potential to develop musical ability. Yamaha believes that everyone has the capacity to create, perform and enjoy one's own music, and that through this joy of music one can enjoy a richer life. We hope to influence the greatest number of people to enjoy music. In the early 1950's, a research team of excellent teachers, physicians, psychologists and musicians were brought together to develop a new and effective way of teaching music. Through much discussion, research and experimentation, a unique and remarkable educational system evolved which is now being praised around the world. The four main characteristics of the Yamaha Education system are: Timely Instruction - comprehensive music education - group lessons - systematic education program.

Junior Music Course (Age 4-5)

Early childhood is the ideal time to start music lessons. At this age, the ear is at its peak of sensitivity. Learning music is as natural as learning to speak. Students can begin in the Junior Music Course at at 4 or 5. The unique curriculum – up to seven years in length – is designed to give your child the best opportunity to develop basic music skills. The creative approach centers on developing the three essential elements of pitch, harmony, and rhythm. The Junior Music Course develops the musical child from within.


The Yamaha Music Education System is a weekly group class and therefore we can not offer individuals any cancellation or make up options as with our private lessons. If you do miss a class, your teacher will email you a list of things that were covered as well as that weeks practice objectives. While the program expects students to miss a small number of classes throughout the year, it is important not to miss more then a few so that your child has the best opportunity to stay current with the classes progress. Students wishing to withdraw from any Yamaha course may do so at any time during the school year by giving 3 weeks notice to our front counter staff in our store. Students are welcome to continue participating for those final 3 weeks. Any pre-paid weeks beyond the 3 weeks notice period will be refunded. Registration/material fees are not refundable at any time after the first week of classes.