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Our Getting Started in Music program sets you up with a FREE music instrument rental when you sign up for two sessions of lessons.

Free Instrument Rental Program

We all know that its sometimes difficult to get kids to stick with an instrument long term. This is why we created our Getting Started in Music Program. This program was designed to give parents a chance to try music lessons without purchasing an instrument in advance. Here is how it works: simply sign up and pay for 20 weeks of lessons at our normal price and get a FREE instrument to use for that 20 week period! On your last lesson date, you may decide to return the instrument or purchase it. If you return it on your last day there is no charge for the use of the instrument. All you will have paid for is your 20 lessons.

If you decide to purchase the instrument you will be charged our normal selling price, which will be given to you at the time of registration. It is the best of everything: you as a parent get to test the waters with your child to make sure they are really committed to music lessons before you make a purchase. If your child does stay with lessons you will have enjoyed a free 20 week rental period before making your purchase. If your child decides that music lessons are not for them, you will have avoided owning an instrument that would be collecting dust.

The only time you may incur a rental charge is if your child discontinues lessons before the end of the 20 week period, in which case you will be refunded for your remaining lessons less a monthly rental fee.

Go ahead and call or email us and ask how you can get your child started in music risk free!