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Read up on our lesson policies, including cancellations and make-up lessons.

Our Lesson Cancellation & Make-Up Policies - Private Lessons Only

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In any one of our 4 sessions, students may cancel 1 lesson provided that it is properly cancelled by no later then 10:00 am the morning of the lesson. We also allow students to cancel 1 extra lesson during the March Break. To properly cancel a lesson a student must report the cancellation to one of our front counter, store staff either in person or by phone. Leaving a message on our voice mail system outside of business hours or sending us an email is also acceptable so long as the message is received before the 10:00 am deadline. Reporting a cancellation to your teacher is unfortunately not an acceptable method of cancelling your lesson, it must be reported to our counter staff. Any properly cancelled lesson (within your 1 per session limit) will be noted on your file and you will be eligible for a make up lesson before the end of our school year in June. Make up lessons are arranged directly with your teacher or with the assistance of our make up lesson Administrator. Once a make up lesson time is mutually agreed upon and scheduled, it can not be cancelled or changed. Missed make up lessons are not eligible for any further make ups or credits of any kind. Any lessons that are missed, cancelled or not, beyond your 1 lesson limit per session will not be eligible for any make ups or credits of any kind. 

At the end of our school year in June (or earlier if a student chooses to withdraw from active lessons) any outstanding make up lessons will be reconciled. Students have 2 options with regards to these lessons. 

Option 1 - if they would like a refund, we will refund 50% of the value of any outstanding make up lessons back to their credit card on August 1st. 
Option 2 - if they pre-register for lessons for the following September we will credit 70% of their outstanding make up lessons against their September registration payment on August 1st.

From time to time, our instructors may need to miss a regularly scheduled teaching day. In this case, we ensure that we arrange for a qualified teacher to take their place for that day. Our guideline for our teachers is that they only miss one lesson per ten week session at the most. In most cases, they do not miss at all but in some rare cases they may miss more then one although this is very uncommon. In the event that we are not able to find a suitable replacement we cancel the lesson and credit the students for the missed teaching day.


We understand, it’s the summer (July & August) and people have LOTS of summer plans, some of which don’t get organized until the last minute. You can cancel any pre-registered summer lessons up until the Sunday before the lesson and receive a full refund. We do not offer any make up lessons for a cancelled summer lesson, only a refund if cancelled on time. Once we open for the week of your lesson (Monday morning 10am), no cancellations will be allowed and no refunds issued. If we can rearrange your lesson time during that same week to help accommodate you, we would be happy to however, this accommodation is subject to our availability and not guaranteed.