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Technology in our Classrooms

Back in 1989, Kaos Music opened as a technology specialty store. Since that time the music retail market has changed significantly but one thing has remained the same, our passion for technology. In recent years the cost and sophistication of digital recording technology has come way down allowing us to not only afford to utilize technology but more importantly implement it into a 30 or 45 minute lesson efficiently. With the latest recording technology at our disposal we now have some of the most advanced private lesson studios in the country. For us though, its all about one thing when it comes to teaching, having fun while you learn, and the technology definitely helps with that.

ROLAND CUBE'S WITH IOS APP - In years gone by we used to employ the awesome power of Apple computers combined with Garage Band and other applications to record and perform other functions in our lessons. As with all technology, this task has not only become a lot easier, we can do it a lot faster and with a lot less equipment .. and .. we can take the resulting recording and instant message or email it to our students before they leave the building. 

Roland has developed a fantastic new app for IOS devices that hooks up to their line of super cool and amazing sounding little Cube Lite amplifiers. This lets us take any song and cancel out the guitar part so that we can play along with it. As well, we can slow it down without changing the pitch to help learn those tough solos. Best part is that anything that you play along with can be instantly recorded and then shared. This opens up a lot of options for our teachers and our students all centred around our main goal .. HAVING FUN! 

Vocalist also use this technology with a vocal version of the Cube Lite that allows them to cancel out the vocal part of any song. Again, awesome possibilities exist when this type of technology is combined with a bunch of creative, imaginative minds.

ROLAND JS-8 JAM STATION - In the past year, Roland released this ground breaking product. Luckily for us, it was a perfect fit for our guitar education program. The JS-8 does a number of really cool things. Firstly, it allows the player to plug into it and have access to thousands of possible guitar tones instantly. Next it is loaded with hundreds of excellent backing tracks that can be played along with to help students learn what it feels like to play with other players. Lastly, all of this playing can be recorded onto a USB memory stick and sent home to be used in the student's weekly practicing. As well, students can bring in MP3's of themselves or their favourite bands to be used in their lesson. Best part, the JS-8 is fast and simple to use so it doesn't take up valuable lesson time fumbling with the technology. It just makes an already cool lesson more FUN!