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Looking to take your playing to the next level? Check out our Near Beginner Guitar class!

Take Your Guitar Skills to the Next Level!

Minimum age - 19
Prerequisite - Guitar for Absolute beginners or equivalent experience.
Maximum number of students per class is six, minimum number is 3.
Ten weekly one-hour sessions. $329.00 including all taxes.

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This course is the second in our beginners series. It continues to expand your repertoire of chords but places additional focus on strumming techniques. These newly acquired skills will help you work towards playing songs by artists such as Tom Petty, Nirvana, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, The Eagles and more. As with all of our beginner courses, all new techniques specifically lead towards playing songs, often a new one each week. All materials are provided and as always, students are welcome to use one of our classroom guitars for their lesson.

NEW - All students enrolled in this course now get unlimited access to the Online edition of the course featuring hundreds of instructional videos, play along tracks and useful PDF's.



No problem ... While learning in a classroom setting with a teacher and classmates is the most effective way to take this course, it is not the only way. Thanks to our friends at the NYC Guitar School (the creators of the Near Beginner Course) there is a full online edition of this great course available for you to take at your leisure from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection that is). To find out more about this great online course and to register click below.


from the NYC Guitar School Website ...

Click here for more information or to sign up!

Click here for more information or to sign up!

Of all the amazing classes at NYC Guitar School, this one is probably the most vital to your success as a guitar player. Let me explain why:

We started this school with a class called Guitar for Absolute Beginners and gradually added more advanced classes, like Lead Guitar Basics, Fingerpicking, and Guitar for Intermediate and Advanced Beginners. As our little school grew, we began to get a lot of calls from New Yorkers who said, “I don’t belong in the beginners class, because I’ve been playing guitar for years. What class SHOULD I go into?” I’d invite them in for an evaluation, and in under 60 seconds I’d ascertain that:

They couldn’t change between basic chords in rhythm.

Often, this person had been playing guitar for years - they’d been telling their friends that they played guitar, they knew dozens of chords and owned one, two or even three guitars - but they couldn’t play even one song all the way through, because they couldn’t change between basic chords in rhythm!

Without a strong rhythmic foundation, these students experienced tremendous frustration in any and all other aspects of guitar playing. Lead guitar, finger-picking, singing and playing at the same time - anything they tried to learn was fraught with difficulty. Sometimes they blamed themselves and became discouraged, not realizing they had simply skipped over a vital stage of learning guitar.

As beginners we sometimes focus so much on learning all these new and crazy chords that we forget that our fretting hand doesn’t actually make much music. It just sets up the music - the strumming hand actually expresses it. Expressive rhythm is far more important than a wide knowledge of chords. To illustrate, THOUSANDS of songs have become wildly popular which use just two or three or four chords...but NO songs have become popular which do not have an engaging groove or rhythm. Remember, right now and for the rest of your guitar playing life:

The number one job of a guitar player is to play in rhythm!