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Our adult guitar classes are the perfect choice for absolute beginners looking to learn guitar.

If You're An Adult With A Desire To Play Guitar, We Can Help You

A large percentage of our student body is made up of young people under the age of 16. This age group is taught in a private lesson format. They have specific musical tastes, require a particular teaching approach and are scheduled on the same day and time each week. While using this format to teach entry level adults works well for some, it presents some challenges for others. Many adults have trouble with a rigid weekly schedule with limited cancellation options as well as the intensity of a one on one lesson. With these things in mind we are pleased to offer our new Adult Beginner Guitar classes, created by our friends at the NYC Guitar School in Manhattan New York.

These classes are designed specifically for adults with busy schedules who are interested in learning how to play functional guitar without getting bogged down with things like music theory, scales and traditional sight-reading. There are basically two types of courses offered: The first type is the series of beginner classes Level I, II and III; the second type consists of a series of elective classes designed with the more experienced player in mind. The Level I, II and III courses (called Absolute Beginner, Near Beginner, and Intermediate Beginner) are designed to take a person with absolutely no playing experience and get them playing right from the first class. The second series of courses offer an existing player the opportunity to expand their knowledge into specific areas of interest such as the blues, or finger-style playing. These courses are also appropriate for a student who has completed our Level III Intermediate Beginner course. 

So whether you are an absolute beginner or an existing player who just wants to get better, these classes just might be the fit you've been waiting for. Take a look through our online information and feel free to email or call us anytime for more information, we'd be happy to help you get started.



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