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Choosing the right keyboard or digital piano to suit your needs

Buying A Keyboard/Digital Piano

How to choose the right instrument to learn on ...

For most people, trying to purchase a digital keyboard with any degree of confidence is very difficult, especially if it is your first purchase. Prices range from $100 - $15000 and the list of features and benefits is usually mind-numbingly long. The internet has given us ready access to a ton of information about the various available products which is great. However, all of that information is of little value without some personal context in which to evaluate it. This guide will both educate you and help you answer some very basic and age old questions about your needs, both now and into the future. Armed with a better overall understanding of keyboards in general and the answers to these key questions, you will be far better equipped to evaluate the sea of available information and to make a good, educated purchase decision.  


Helping you to choose the best digital piano or keyboard

As a veteran music store owner and music school administrator, it would feel odd to me to write a paper on purchasing a keyboard to be used as an instrument to learn on without making a bit of a transparency statement... When learning to play piano, the best instrument to use, in my opinion, would be a piano. A real, acoustic piano, not a digital keyboard. There are many reasons and I may indeed write a paper on it, but for now I just wanted people to know that this was my opinion. That said, real acoustic pianos are expensive, large, delicate instruments and not a practical option for many which is where keyboards and digital pianos come in. While I would favor a real piano over a keyboard/digital piano for learning, I would much rather see individuals and families take up playing the piano by way of learning on a keyboard/digital piano then not at all. For the vast majority of people, starting on keyboard in the hopes of one day graduating to an acoustic piano is the most practical and often only option which brings me back to to this guide.


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