KAOS Music Centre

Toronto's favourite place for musical instruments and lessons!




A native Etobicoke boy, Bill has lived in the store’s neighbourhood for most of his life. Following high school, Bill went onto pursue a computer science degree. However, the desire to get involved with music retail was too strong and in 1987 Bill left York University and began working at a local Mississauga music store. From that point on it didn’t take long before he opened the first incarnation of KAOS Music in 1989. Since that time Bill has worked at developing and growing his business. While Bill only works about 10 hours per week on the sales floor, Kaos is his full time job. Bill splits his time between accounting, purchasing, promotion and sales.

While Bill enjoys playing music (drums in particular) he is smart enough to keep his day job. Bill is an avid golfer and an awesome amateur ice and street hockey goalie (in his own head of course). While not working Bill can almost surely be found spending time with his wife Shana and his two kids, Olivia and Calvin.

In addition to being one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable guys in the business, Lou Roppoli also builds killer guitar amps!



Lou, a native of the south Etobicoke area has been involved in the music store business pretty much all of his life. In the early days he was just getting kicked out of them but for a long time now, Lou has called his place of employment a music store. After Lou finished college it was clear to him that the retail sales floor felt the most like home to him. For most of the past 15 years, Lou has become a favourite of our customers with an unmistakable enthusiasm and classic “corny” sense of humour. 

Lou is a lifelong student of the guitar. Those who know him know of his in depth knowledge of guitars, amplifiers (he builds them) and effects. He is also a total nerd when it comes to guitar players from the past. When it comes to guitars and amps, Lou is your man.

Lou calls Oakville his home these days with his wife Shelley and his 3 boys, Stefano, Gian Luca and Piero. Outside of KAOS you can see Lou performing with The House of Not, a very interesting progressive rock band House of Not 




Jay Stradiotto is a key member of the KAOS team, keeping the shelves stocked and the store looking great!

Jay grew up in the Etobicoke area and was one of KAOS Music’s first customers.  It seemed a natural fit when he joined the team over 15 years ago.
After finishing school at Ryerson and the Harris Institute for the Arts, Jay went on to start a painting business in Toronto and run a home studio, play guitar in some local bands and work part time at Kaos.  He is now a full time manager at Kaos and still enjoys playing the guitar and recording in his home studio for fun.

Sheri Josephson keeps the KAOS music school running smoothly, no easy task!



Sheri joined our team many years ago as a piano instructor. Since then, she has become an invaluable member of our overall team. Sheri splits her time between teaching a full schedule of private students, co-organizing our Yamaha Music Education Classes for young children and administering our schools schedules and instructors. Add to that, Sheri acts as an assistant to president Bill Bates. Outside of her duties here at KAOS Music, Sheri devotes much of her time to volunteer work with her church. For fun, Sheri can be found attending concerts, reading and taking in any number of sporting events with her husband Jonathan. While Sheri is often found behind the scenes her at KAOS, she is an integral part of our organization.





Everett Mason has successfully taught dozens of students the fine art of playing in a rock n' roll band.

Everett joined our team years ago as a young piano instructor. We soon learned that while his post secondary education was in piano, guitar and voice was where he put most of his attention. To augment his teaching, Everett began working for us on our sales floor. He soon became an integral part of our team. In the past 3-4 years, Everett has very successfully taken on the role of Rock Band Experience Coordinator, organizing and leading dozens of students of all ages in the fine art of playing in a Rock n Roll band. Everett has a calm, subdued disposition but those who know him, know that his playing and singing ability is anything but subdued. In fact, Everett is one of the most talented guys around and we, our customers and his students are lucky to have him putting his talents to work for us here at KAOS.